Let’s Discuss This! #1 Is WWE Trying To Pretend Alexa Bliss’s “Bayley: This Is Your Life” Segment Never Happened?

When Mick Foley gifted The Rock a “ This Is Your Life ” segment on Monday Night RAW for his “birthday” in 1999, it turned out to be one of the most memorable and highly rated segments in WWE history. So naturally, WWE tries to recapture the magic once in a while, usually to embarrassing effect, especially without the powerful charisma of The Rock and Foley to make it work. When the company tried it on last night’s Monday Night RAW, not even the normally smark-beloved heel Alexa Bliss was able to make such a poorly conceived and badly written segment work.

With poor ratings, WWE tried to capture lighting in a bottle again when they recreated the “This Is Your Life” segment with the Bliss/Bayley feud, which has been negatively received, with fan-favorite Bayley frequently looking foolish as heel Bliss gets the better of her in various physical confrontations and Bliss’s middle-school style attacks on Bayley’s maturity showing a lack of understanding of Bayley’s character on the part of WWE’s creative team. Last night’s awkward “This Is Your Life” segment exemplified these flaws, with Bliss bringing out Bayley’s supposed fourth grade teacher, ex-best friend, and ex-boyfriend in a segment that went on way too long just to drive home the idea that Bliss finds Bayley childish, including some bizarre references to Bayley bringing her father on dates, and ending with a terribly-acted makeout session between the boyfriend and best friend before Bayley finally arrived to attack Bliss and, once again, find herself on the receiving end of a kendo stick beating after Bliss cleanly turned the tables on her.

In one particularly perplexing moment, Bliss mocked Bayley for choosing to watch Monday Night RAW as a teenager instead of hanging out at the mall, thereby sending the message to viewers that they could probably find something cooler to do with their time. And if we’re being perfectly honest, they probably could. In the words of Booker T, the segment was “hard to watch.”

It seems that even WWE realizes that the segment was awful, even by their standards, because according to various reports including from Ringside News, all of the videos posted on WWE’s social media during last night’s show have been removed except for the beatdown at the end of the segment. Likewise, only the beatdown is featured in the RAW highlights on YouTube and on WWE.com. It wouldn’t be the first time WWE tried to delete something from the internet that made them look bad. Last year, WWE deleted a poll from their website that asked who fans wanted to see main event WrestleMania after “The Guy” Roman Reigns came in sixth with just 4% of the vote.

Personally, I am a fan of both female wrestlers, especially Alexa Bliss. Yet, the storytelling and WWE trying to redo past segments instead of creating new ones is uncreative and leaves a stale taste in viewers’ mouths.

Now, no one is suggesting that Bayley: This Is Your Life was anywhere near as bad as the never-ending Roman Reigns superman push, but when even WWE seemingly admits that something they did was bad, you know it had to be bad on a spectacular level.

You decide if this segment was awful or not! View it in its entirety down below!

Source: Is WWE Trying To Pretend Alexa Bliss’s “Bayley: This Is Your Life” Segment Never Happened?