The Venom Universe Is Building With Some Classic Characters!

Sony has massive plans for its Spider-Man-related universe, as they’ve already announced movies around characters like Venom, Silver Sable and Black Cat. They may also include Tom Holland’s Spider-Man in the universe, with rumors also swirling they’re planning a sort of all-female Spiderverse. So yeah, there’s a lot going on. But if that all seemed like a lot, we now have word that Sony plans on using even more classic characters in their universe, some sooner than later.

In a large report on the relationship between Sony and Marvel with Spider-Man, THR learned that the characters Carnage, Kraven the Hunter and Mysterio will be featured in the new universe, which is set to kick off with VENOM as early as next year. Carnage is reported to be the villain of the film, while “other projects” are being planned around the latter two (Kraven having been rumored before). The report says that Sony plans to roll out their universe more gradually than they tried to years ago with THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN franchise, which included a SINISTER SIX movie featuring some of Spidey’s greatest foes.

Source: Carnage will be the villain in Venom; Kraven & Mysterio also getting films


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