American Assassin Redband Trailer Unleashed!

A CIA black ops recruit and a Cold War veteran team up to stop the nuclear apocalypse in the gripping new redband trailer for American Assassin. The upcoming Michael Cuesta-directed film will definitely please any hardcore action fan!

Based on Vince Flynn’s book of the same name, American Assassin stars Dylan O’Brien as Mitch Rapp, a hotshot CIA recruit, who enlists in search of vengeance after his girlfriend is killed in a terrorist attack. Rapp trains under Cold War vet Stan Hurley – played by Michael Keaton – and soon the pair find themselves trying to stop a rogue duo from detonating a nuclear bomb and igniting a new World War.

American Assassin stars Dylan O’ Brien, Michael Keanton, Taylor Kitsch, Shiva Negar and Sanaa Lathan and it hits theaters on September 15th, 2017!

Check out the trailer down below, Movie Geeks!

Source: ‘American Assassin’: Watch Cutthroat Redband Trailer for CIA Thriller


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One thought on “American Assassin Redband Trailer Unleashed!”

  1. This movie reminds me of the Bourne franchise, but grittier. It looks like it might be a little too bloody for my tastes, which is sad because I really like the assassin story.

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