Kevin Feige Responds About R-Rated Marvel Movies 

Post the Blade trilogy the idea of a R-rated comic book movie became a dirty word. The idea of R-rated big budget anything became a dirty word because making your movie R-rated meant shutting out a large portion of the audience. However, blockbuster style comic book movies have come back with the vengeance ever since Deadpool and Logan have been met with critical acclaim and commercial success. Since one company is doing that means the others absolutely must that means the question of whether or not we’re going to get a R-rated Marvel Cinematic Universe movie comes up a lot. While doing an interview over in France, according to MCU Exchange, the question was once again brought up to Marvel mega-producer Kevin Feige.

“Currently we don’t work on R-Rated movies, it’s not out of the question but currently, no.”

It’s amusing to me that people don’t realize that that’s why the Netflix series existed! Oh well, who knows what Marvel has in store for the future!

Source: Kevin Feige Says R-Rated Marvel Movies Are “Not Out Of The Question”


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