Retro Gaming Is Hitting The Market With The Sega Genesis Flashback Console!

The Sega Genesis Flashback is a new console from AtGames that features 85 built-in titles from the original Sega Genesis console, has been announced for release this September. In addition to the slew of built-in games, including the titles from the Sonic , Phantasy Star , Shining Force, and Mortal Kombat series, the console includes a cartridge port that supports “almost all” of the original Sega Genesis and Mega Drive cartridges—a feature that was lacking from Nintendo’s throwback console, the NES Classic Edition.

Also packed in with the Flashback are two Genesis-style 2.4ghz wireless controllers and two controller ports for those who wish to use classic wired controllers, for that real “this is an ancient gaming system” feel.

The SEGA Genesis Flashback also features 720p HDMI output and scan line filtering. Additionally, every game will support a feature that let’s you save, pause and rewind the action. So these aren’t direct ports of the original games, but they are pretty darn close.

Source: The Sega Genesis Flashback Console Will Come Packaged With 85 Games


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