Baby Driver Preview Goes Beat by Beat Through the Banging Soundtrack

With the June 28 release date just a few weeks away, Sony Pictures has debuted a new preview for Baby Driver, which features the cast and writer-director Edgar Wright discussing how important the soundtrack truly is to this film. While the music is certainly an integral component to any movie, it was quite different with Baby Driver, as star Jon Hamm reveals that when he received the script, it also came with a thumb drive full of all the music that will be featured in the movie. The script itself was even written to all of these songs, in order, according to the filmmaker.

Edgar Wright goes on to explain that there are 35 songs in Baby Driver. We also have the full soundtrack listing, and there are only 30 songs featured here. Perhaps there will be a deluxe soundtrack released at some point with the remaining five songs, but the director revealed that it all started with the first song on this soundtrack, Jon Spencer Blues Explosion’s track “Bellbottoms”. Here’s what the director had to say about how that song set the tone for this opening bank robbery scene.

“There are 35 songs in Baby Driver and it started with my listening to “Bellbottoms” by the Jon Spencer Blues Explosion. It has a long two-minute build before the rock really kicks in, so I was like, ‘Well, that’s perfect for a getaway driver waiting outside, and at the two-minute mark, the chase starts. I would notate what’s happening in the song, as well as what’s happening on the road.”


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