He’s Mary Poppins, Ya’ll! 


The comparison of Yondu to Mary Poppins was one of the best jokes of Guardians 2. Director, James Gunn in particular has clearly been tickled by the ongoing joke, and has shared the newest viral image of Yondu as the practically perfect nanny, this time inspired by Emily Blunt’s recent EW cover. Check it out down below, Movie Geeks!

                                         “I’m Mary Poppins, ya’ll!” ~ Yondu


The above image is a spot on recreation of Emily Blunt’s Mary Poppins, but with some distinctly Yondu-esque additions.

This newest image comes to us from popular concept artist Boss Logic, and was shared by James Gunn on his Facebook. Boss Logic has done plenty of renderings of actors as popular comic book characters, and this newest piece doesn’t disappoint! Though it might give some nightmares!

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 may still be in some theaters, and if you haven’t seen it yet…..well WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?! And you can catch Mary Poppins Returns in Christmas Day, 2018!


Source: James Gunn Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop Having Fun With Yondu And Mary Poppins


Author: moviefreaksandgeeks

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