Rest In Peace PS3 

You knew one day it would come. Somewhere down the road once the PS4 was no longer an unproven system and Sony was well into creating a new catalog, the previous system would finally cease to be. Today is that day as the PS3 has officially stopped production in Japan.

The announcement was made on the Japanese PlayStation site saying that no new units will be manufactured, so any currently being made in the United States will soon follow. Sony said it would support the console for ten years as it was being released back in 2006, and it appears they kept that promise, despite the Xbox 360 (it’s leading competitor at the time) stopped being made back in April 2016. The system has sold over 80 million units to date and remains one of the most popular gaming systems ever made, even though it can’t compare in numbers to the total sold for the PS2 (155 million) in its heyday.

Source: Sony Ends PS3 Production In Japan


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