The Original Blade Runner Cast Didn’t Really Get The Movie, Here’s How They Reacted

Deckard with a gun in Blade Runner

Like it or not, we’re living in a world of nostalgia. TV and movie audiences long to go back to a simpler time, and revisit franchises and titles that are near and dear to their heart. As such, we’ve seen long awaited sequels and reboots, including the highly anticipated Blade Runner 2049. Starring Ryan Gosling as a new protagonist, the upcoming sci-fi adventure will bring Harrison Ford’s Rick Deckard back onto the silver screen, hopefully enthralling the film’s many fans. But the praise for Blade Runner wasn’t always there, in fact, the cast and crew reportedly had an icy reaction to the first screening.

Actor M. Emmet Walsh played Captain Harry Bryant in Blade Runner, and recently spoke to THR about the experience of making the now iconic sci-fi flick. Apparently not even the cast knew what to make of the movie, and sat in silence after seeing an early screener. He said,

We all sat there and it ended. And nothing. We didn’t know what to say or to think or do! We didn’t know what in the hell we had done! The only one who seemed to get it was Ridley.

Yikes. That’s not exactly the reaction you want from those closest to a movie. What I wouldn’t give to be a fly on the wall, seeing Ridley Scott’s excitement juxtaposed with the cast’s confusion.

Source: The Original Blade Runner Cast Didn’t Really Get The Movie, Here’s How They Reacted


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