Proof Predator and Terminator Take Place in the Same Movie Universe?

A new fan theory claims Predator and Terminator are connected and take place in the same universe.

Aside from the fact that Arnold Schwarzenegger starred in both movies, as Dutch in Predator and the T-800 in The Terminator, there is nothing that actually connects those movies and suggests that they exist in the same universe. Until now, that is. The theory comes courtesy of Cracked and, the lynchpin of this whole thing comes from a pretty obscure place. The connective tissue between these franchises may exist in the 1994 Aliens Vs. Predator arcade game, of all places. Here is how Cracked explains it.

“The closest we get to an answer is in the Aliens Vs. Predator arcade game. In the game, we meet a cyborg by the name of Major Dutch Schaefer. Is this the same Dutch we know and adore? Erhm, maybe? The chest size certainly checks out, as both Schwarzenegger and “Major Dutch” could fit an air conditioning unit in a single pec. But all we know, backstory-wise, is that it’s a cyborg created to battle extra-terrestrials. That particular goal seems to imply that his success against the Jungle Predator definitely made him a worthy candidate to be immortalized in metal. This works well within the U.S. government’s purview as well, so it also backs up the theory that they had a hand in creating him. Could the government have purposely sent multiple teams of men into the Predator’s clutches in hopes of finding a perfect template for their robot hero?”

Source: Proof Predator and Terminator Take Place in the Same Movie Universe?


Author: moviefreaksandgeeks

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